The Circle is Complete

Wayne Kullander, (left) and George Aurelius. Photo by Gayle Martin

On Saturday, June 28, 2003, a few days after the opening of the new Cine Capri at the Scottsdale 101, Wayne Kullander invited George Aurelius and me for a special, behind the scenes tour of the new theater.

Wayne Kullander and George Aurelius have a long history together, as Wayne worked for “Uncle” George, back in 1966, when he was the inaugural manager of the original Cine Capri. And, watching these two men together was like watching two kids in a candy store. “Uncle” George was in his nineties, but you wouldn’t have known it. Even after all the years that had passed, both still enjoyed each other’s company. Along with reminiscing about the past, they talked for what seemed like hours about about the changes in sound and projection systems, seat design, and concessions. But for me, what was the most gratifying, was to see George Aurelius, the man responsible for the creation of the original Cine Capri, and the man who gave the theater its name, give his stamp of approval to the new Cine Capri.


Wayne Kullander, (left), and George Aurelius, reminisce in the project room at the new Cine Capri. Photo by Gayle Martin.


Harry Karp, (left), ABC Paramount District Manager, and Wayne Kullander, the inaugural Cine Capri manager. March 31, 1966. Photo courtesy of George Aurelius collection.