The Cine Capri Museum

Construction of the new Cine Capri is nearly complete. Photo by Gayle Martin

In the spring of 2003, I was asked to help with the museum display for the New Cine Capri at the Scottsdale 101. Of course I was more than happy to provide historic photos from the original theater.

The museum was located on a sidewall in the lobby, complete with some of the salvaged ceramic jade tile from the original theater. The first half of the display would tell the story of the construction of the original theater, with the second half being about its demise.

A few days before the grand opening we all met at the new Cine Capri to put the display together. While the construction crew was busy putting the final touches on the building, a group of volunteers, including yours truly, and someone The Arizona Historical Society Museum, began putting the exhibit together under the supervision of Brian Laurel, marketing director for Harkins Theaters. We started with the usual prep work of vigorously cleaning the display area, as dust can be extremely harmful to historic artifacts. Then it was time to cut pieces of the original gold curtains, hang photos, and organize the rest of the display. By the end of the day we were tired, but our task was complete, and we were pleased with the results. It truly was a labor of love.



Display of the construction of the original Cine Capri. Photo by Gayle Martin.
Display about the demise of the original theater. Both cases also contain artifacts from the original theater. Photo by Gayle Martin
Theater patrons admiring the display. Photo by Gayle Martin